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Krav Maga Self Defence

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Raw Krav Maga

Israeli self defence & combat system

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About us

Raw Krav Maga Corporate Self defence Workshop

With its reality-based training & no-nonsense approach to self-defence, Krav Maga makes it the most lethal fighting format in the world. Developed in the 1940s by Imi Lichtenfeld for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). It continues to be widely learned and used- not just among armed forces & Special Forces, but among civilians too. 


Raw Krav Maga (earlier called Insta Krav Maga) is a self-defence training studio where we bring Krav Maga training programs to your venue of choice. We offer a variety of self-defence programs such as Corporate Self Defence workshops, Self-defence for educational institutions

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Raw Krav Maga Self-defence classes

Krav Maga Classes

Raw Maga Corporate self-defence workshops


Raw Krav Maga workshop for educational institutions

Educational Institutions

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