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Krav Maga Self Defence
Raw Krav Maga Students

We are Raw Krav Maga

With its reality-based training & no-nonsense approach to self-defence, Krav Maga makes it the most lethal fighting format in the world. Developed in the 1940s by Imi Lichtenfeld for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). It continues to be widely learned and used- not just among armed forces & Special Forces, but among civilians too. 


Raw Krav Maga (earlier called Insta Krav Maga) is a self-defence training studio where we bring Krav Maga training programs to your venue of choice. We offer a variety of self-defence programs such as Corporate Self Defence workshops, Self-defence for educational institutions, basic & advanced boot camps, and weekday & weekend classes. All of the above Self Defence training programs are available for men, women & children.

Focus on students

Our Krav Maga training methodology sets us apart and focuses on student learning.


Krav Maga Techniques & its Principle

Learning Krav Maga techniques are just one side of the coin understanding & applying the principle is the other side. At Raw Krav Maga, we make sure that the underlying principle of Krav Maga is not only explained but also experienced.


Realistic training

Training Krav Maga in a realistic environment makes a lot of difference when faced with a real issue. We take the students as close to the real thing as possible to avoid freezing up. Krav Maga drills include multiple attackers, defence against long & short weapons, power drills etc.


Fighting stress

Managing stress is key to success in any field, and it is even more critical in self-defence. Learning self-defence techniques under stress build muscle memory faster and stay with you longer.


Focus on fitness

Being Fit is not a prerequisite to learning Krav Maga, but a willingness to learn is. Training in Krav Maga builds speed, agility, coordination, and flexibility. In addition to physical changes, you will experience heightened awareness, improved self-confidence, sharper instincts, and a better understanding of your surroundings.

Meet like-minded people and make some great friends while you learn Krav Maga.

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