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Krav Maga Self Defence


"Raw Krav Maga" brings Krav Maga training capabilities for your employees into your premises.

Raw Krav Maga self-defence workshop for corporates
  • The best Krav Maga mindset & method are hand-picked and primed into the corporate self-defence training curriculum. 

  • These critical life-saving techniques are ready to learn and easy to implement.

  • Our Self Defence workshops have been an enormous success among the many corporates. We have successfully trained thousands of employees. 

Corporate self-defence workshops are designed considering the busy lifestyle & high-stress environments in organisations. The workshop touches upon various uncomfortable situations such as road rage, sexual assault, grabbing, violence, and more while training them to effectively handle and resolve them under realistic circumstances. 

Raw Krav Maga self-defence workshop for corporates
Raw Krav Maga self-defence workshop for corporates

Corporate Self Defence Workshop curriculum

  • Active & Passive self-defence

  • Awareness & response to body language & physical threats 

  • Stress management & Out-of-the-box thinking.

  • Overcoming victim mentality 

  • Body language of victims

  • Adrenaline dump and its natural & trained response

  • Type of criminals, their motives, attack pattern & defence against them

  • Weapons of opportunity

  • Hands-on Krav Maga techniques

  • Case studies

Corporate training workshops come 

in two variants: 

  1. Ninety minutes - Self Defense Workshop - Rs. 10,000/-

  2. Four hours – Advanced Krav Maga Workshop - Rs. 20,000/-


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Raw Krav Maga.

Raw Krav Maga self-defence workshop for corporates
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